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Starting in 2021. LDC was asked to participate in the Garden Smart TV series that is broadcast by PBS throughout the United States. That Spring and Summer, LDC filmed a total of 4 Episodes with Mark, Tom and Russell of LDC Guest Hosting. After the shows in 2021 were completed. The Producers of Garden Smart asked Mark in helping produce and film 7 to 8 episodes in 2022 in the mountains of North Carolina. Mark makes his home in Sapphire, NC which is in the Nantahala Forest just above South Carolina and Georgia. Mark took the Producer/Director of the show Dettrick Little on many adventures to shoot "B Roll footage" in the spring and summer of 2022. Waterfalls, Lakes, Mountain overlooks, mountain biking and kayaking led to some great footage that we wanted to share with you. We will update everyone as to when the episodes will air. Thanks and we hope you enjoy!

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